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Create your compelling scoreboard

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Reading Time: 2 minutes We here in South Florida are in the final third of the Hurricane season. Fortunately, so far, we’ve been spared. However, there’s a lot going on in the gulf this year. New Orleans and Texas have been bearing the brunt of storms throughout the season. What I most remember about that area was Hurricane Katrina […]

Be a Quitter!

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Reading Time: 2 minutes I just finished a great book called The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster by Darren Hardy and there was one particular lesson in that book that I found very profound and really stood out for me. It was a conversation Darren had with a three-times billionaire, he asked the billionaire, “What’s the secret to your success?” Obviously, a […]

There Are Just NO GOOD People Out There!

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Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s a particular phrase I hear over and over again, which mostly comes from tradespeople, leaders of businesses. Of which I’m actually kind of getting tired of hearing and hopefully, you are too. That phrase is, “there are just no good people out there.” Well, I don’t think so. I believe there’s a lot of […]

Happy Labor Day!

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Let me first start by wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day. Hopefully you have a nice day planned to enjoy off at the beach, on your boat, at a picnic or just having a party at home by the pool. Maybe, you’ll be flipping some burgers and dogs later or cooking some nice steaks while […]

WIN WALL – Celebrate Your Wins

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Once a quarter, along with a colleague of mine, I have the honor and privilege of performing a strategic planning day for about 35 – 50 local business owners. Together we spend an entire day out of the business, working on the business. The morning is all education and reflection, in the afternoon we create […]