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Think & Grow Rich is right track thinking!

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Reading Time: 3 minutesLast week we discussed that there is not just one thing that makes the difference. It actually comes down to everything that you do matters in making a difference. Lesson one comes from a great book that was published in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, who was guided by Andrew Carnegie to spend 25 years of […]

What’s the one thing?

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Reading Time: 2 minutesIn my journey through life representing different businesses and industries along the way. There’s a particular question that would surface from time to time. A question that may have been presented to you based on your industry or service, or actually maybe you have asked it of someone else. That question in question is “what’s […]

Look – Get Hooked – Your Cooked!

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Reading Time: 3 minutesFollow along with me on this story even if you don’t like fishing as this message truly relates to you and your business.  In the activity of fishing, we sometimes use shiny lures replicating the fish or bait that targets the fish we’re seeking. We may retrieve these artificial baits either by shore or boat, […]

Wrong Marketing – Wrong Channels!

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Reading Time: 3 minutesUnderstand that if you’re in business, you are always marketing your brand. There’s a certain group of professionals that I visit monthly. Upon my arrival on my last visit, one gentleman that I’m friendly with asked how I was doing and I simply replied awesome, thank you. He then proceeded to ask me if that was […]

Are you a BEacon of light?

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Reading Time: 3 minutesAre you a BEacon of light is the question I ask of you? This question revolves around what we call the Success Formula which is BE x DO = HAVE. In this formula, we always start with the end in mind. In this case, HAVE represents what you want. What we want may be different for each of us. The HAVE may […]