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Application of Knowledge is Power!

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Knowledge is power. Well, not exactly. The application of knowledge is power. I had a question posed to me about seven years ago by a coach of mine. She said, “Michael, did you ever read the book, Think and Grow Rich?” My answer was, “Of course I had.” “Well, how many times did you read […]

Achieving your Dreams!

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Let me take a moment and wish everybody a happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. More than 50 years ago today, on his march in Washington, the words Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke echoed into eternity. “I have a dream.” Those words inspired people to follow him. Those words alone inspired many people […]

Be a Rhino and Charge Down Your Goals!

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Reading Time: 3 minutes I hope you all tuned in to last week and got really clear on taking your guard down, being willing, open, and making a commitment to making 2021 your best year yet. How can we stay committed to accomplishing our goals even when adversity pops up and hits us right in the face? Back in […]

The Winning Mindset!

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Here we are, in 2021. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and let’s make 2021 our best year yet. As we begin to venture into this new year, let’s get really clear on what we want and how to achieve it. There are certain thoughts and things we need to possess in business and […]

How to Best your Bests in 2021!

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Reading Time: 3 minutes            Here we are taking 2020 down as this Friday starts 2021, a New Year. Let me start by wishing you all an early Happy New Year. I know a lot of you that are reading this today are happy that we’re turning the year’s clock over. However, here’s something to ponder as you’re heading […]