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Evolution of a Marine

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Wade Waddick is a former Marine and proud owner of Evolution Fitness in Boca Raton, Florida of where he is impacting lives every day. Wade shares a little about his evolution; “I’m very proud to say that I served four honorable years as a United States Marine. I loved my time in the service. I […]

Happy Veterans Day

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Happy Veterans Day to everyone. November is now officially Veterans Month. Because of this declaration, today and till months end, we will be meeting a Military Veteran, Businessperson/Entrepreneur to learn more about their service and how we can help in assisting our veteran community. Fred Roger is the Executive Director of Veterans Trust, a Marine […]

Is the economy fueling you or are you fueling the economy?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Let me first share that I do not talk politics nor am I an economist. However, you have to face the fact that the economy is doing pretty darn good right now. Unemployment is at a historically low rate, the stock market is tracking at record highs, and interest rates are low for all to […]

Create your Superman or Superwoman you!

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Reading Time: 3 minutes This Thursday is Halloween, a Holiday that is not necessarily celebrated by all. However, this Thursday there will be lots of little kids skipping around our neighborhoods ringing doorbells to get their fair share of treats. What’s most fun about this Holiday is seeing all the little kids of how and who they dressed up […]

Qualities of Greatness = Having Fun & Cashing Checks!

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Reading Time: 2 minutes The National Basketball Association regular season begins tomorrow, Tuesday, October 22, 2019. Personally, I’m not a big basketball fan, however, I’m excited as I believe there’s a new phenom in the sport that has already revealed several clues of what it takes to be a true winner.    This phenom is the number 1 overall pick of the NBA New […]