Win Wall2 min read

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Once a quarter I have the honor of performing a strategic planning day for my clients. This is where we spend an entire day out of the business, to work on the business. The morning is all education, and in the afternoon we create a strategic plan for the next ninety days. There is tremendous value from not only creating a clear plan for the quarter but also sharing this experience with 20, 30, or 40 other business owners.

The most rewarding part of the entire day, at least for me, is experiencing what we call a win wall. The win wall is where our clients write all their wins for the prior quarter on separate Post-it notes with a sharpie. They then get in a line, share their wins with the group and stick them on the wall. Listening to all these wins among all our clients and realizing that I had a small part in this is a very empowering and rewarding experience for me as to them as well.

My question to you is are you slowing down long enough to praise yourself or your team on their wins or are you waiting for the big grand goal to finally be accomplished before you celebrate. There are a couple of quotes I’m sure you heard before; “Success is in the journey, not the destination,” and “Stop to smell the roses.” What I believe these quotes simply mean is to slow down and take count of the blessings along the way.

Take the time to slow down and acknowledge yourself and your team on the small accomplishments along the way to the big goal. Think of the value of creating your own win wall at a Monday morning meeting where everybody shares their wins of the prior quarter. Try it as it just may be the best meeting ever and set you and the team up for a very productive and profitable week.