The Success Equation

I'm going to share with you another equation today for you to gather some perspective. It's called ‘Your Personal Success Equation’.  This equation is P + T x A x A + F = ‘Your Personal Success Equation’. What is this all about…

Book of the Week: The One Minute Manager By Kenneth H. Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

The One Minute Manager is simply a book intended to remind us to take a minute out of our day to look into the faces of the people we manage. And to realize that they are our most important resources.

Book of the Week: The 4 – Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

The 4 Hour Workweek will give you a how-to and why-to guide to throwing out the old methods for success (balancing life and work, retiring well, having a great nest egg) and replacing them with an entirely new way of living.

Are you eXtraordinary?

When you are eXtraordinary – you stand out above the crowd. When you are eXtraordinary – your customers find you – you won’t have to find them. When you are eXtraordinary – you create Raving Fan customers that spread the word for you.

Book of the Week: The Richest Man in Babylon by: George S Clason

The ancient Babylonians were the first people to discover the universal laws of prosperity. In his classic bestseller, "The Richest Man in Babylon," George S. Clason reveals their secrets for creating, growing, and preserving wealth.

Thank a Veteran...Give them a job

Why hire a veteran? They possess skills and talents need in today’s businesses.

Veterans Day Books to Read

This Veterans Day, try reading one of these inspiration books written by or about the men and women who fight to protect our country.