The Success Equation

I'm going to share with you another equation today for you to gather some perspective. It's called ‘Your Personal Success Equation’.  This equation is P + T x A x A + F = ‘Your Personal Success Equation’. What is this all about…

When the going gets tough…

You’ve heard the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”  This expression translates not into quitting, but instead, when the situation gets difficult, the strong dig deeper, work harder and persevere. All too often,…

Are you chasing shiny objects?

Those who are equipped with sound plans, a clear vision and a carefully selected team who are all aligned and focused in carrying out their plan will most always succeed opposed to just running around chasing those shiny objects.

Do you live each day as your last?

Most people bring the vast majority of their dreams to the grave. Don't wait for the end to wish you did more. Do it now! Live life to the fullest.

The Formula for Life Success

In life or in business when we want more, most of us automatically think what should we do to get more. The next time you decide that you want more - don't go and make a huge list of what has to happen. Just start with one question -"Who do I need to BE to make it happen?"

Who's responsible for your successes and failures?

YOU are responsible for everything that happens to you, good and bad. And until and unless you accept that you are in complete control of your destiny, you will be stuck in B.E.D.

Have you declared your Independence?

July 4th is more than just a day to enjoy a BBQ and shoot off fireworks. It’s our country’s birthday and commemorates the birth of a new nation; the day we declared independence from England. The question is, what are you willing to risk for the future of your own company?