Month: June 2021

The End!

The word for this week is end. When I was a little kid, I used to watch those old movies with my parents. You remember the old-fashioned movies? At the very end of the movie, they would have “The End” in big bold letters when the movie was over. That was it.   In business or in life, sometimes …

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New Opportunity

The word for today is no. Now there’s two ways of looking at the word no. As we grew up as children, we didn’t like that word because we constantly heard it from our parents. In business, we also sometimes hear it. No means they’re not buying. They’re not taking our goods and services. We’re …

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Doubt vs Confidence

I’d like to share a little bit about what it takes to achieve success. The subject I am about to share is extremely important. Success is all about the words we use. You have to understand the words we use dictate our thoughts, dictate our actions, and dictate our results.  Let me explain. There are certain …

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