A Blank Canvas1 min read


Throughout the world, we have all witnessed great beautiful art; great paintings created by great people. We marvel at the beauty. However, what we see is only the end finished product. Many painters, especially the great ones, have the ability to see this beauty beyond the blank canvas that’s in front of them. They see the picture in their mind that they intend to create before they ever pick up a brush. Only then do they pick up this brush and begin to paint.

Do you possess this same ability to see beyond the blank canvas? Some of you may be saying no, however, I believe we all possess this ability. We all have the ability to see beyond the blank canvas. How is this possible? We first must see the vision in our mind before we create it. Think about creating a business plan, you sit down and create your plan. You get clear on where you are going and you then create the plan on how to get there.

Seeing beyond the blank canvas is creating clarity in what your business looks like, it’s getting clear on what type of empowered team you will have in place. It’s creating the Vision and Culture to create this empowered team. It’s getting clear on what type of customer is your ideal customer and then creating a plan on how to attract them.

We all have a blank canvas. It’s what we see on that canvas before we pick up the brush that’s important. Create the clarity, pick up your brush, create your masterpiece and see beyond your blank canvas.

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