A hamster on a wheel!

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel? There is no doubt that the pace of the world has really sped up. If you are a CEO, an executive, a manager or a business owner you are most likely strapped with many tasks and responsibilities. Many of us have business, families, charities, outside organizations and activities to contend with. We also have ourselves to take care of ourselves. Let’s face it, if any of this represents you – you are running.

What’s a person to do in this face paced environment? Turning to technology isn’t the answer as that option has only proved to distract us more. The answer is simple; slow down to speed up! Yes, slow down to speed up!

When you are in your business, especially if you are a small business owner you must take the time to slow down. Start in the morning by getting clear on the day ahead before you leave your home. Slow down on a Monday to have morning team meeting to properly align for the week. Slow down for a day to create a quarterly or annual plan. Slowing down in this manner will give you the opportunity to get clear and speed up again.

Is it easy to slow down – no. Is it hard to create the discipline to slow down – yes. If you have a challenge doing it on your own – get someone to assist you. Hire a coach to slow you down. A coach will ask you the right questions, hold you accountable to do what you say you’ll do, teach you the techniques and solutions to maximize your time and efficiency. The result of this coaching will actually better yourself, your team and your company. It will get you clear on what’s truly important.

The value of taking the time to properly slow down to get clear on what’s most important, then creating a plan to implement, coupled with the proper accountability and follow through is an investment that will pay you dividends for years to come.