A Veterans Continued Service3 min read

As we honor Veterans Month, this week we speak with Janette Chandler who will share a little bit about herself.

Janette, please share a little bit about yourself and you service. “I am a retired Navy chief after 20 years. I started off in the Pentagon in 1989. I was stationed in DC and Maryland for the Vice Chief of Naval Operations of the Pentagon. I served that honor until 2004 of where I was next transferred to Hialeah, FL of where I served the Navy and Marine Corp center in Miami for five years until retired in 2009. Since retirement, I work as a civilian in the Family Readiness Support for the 81st regional division of where I am responsible for 3,287 soldiers representing over 6,000 family members.”

Janette, what does Veterans day and month mean to you? “Veterans Day is a National Holiday that recognizes any veteran that was honorably discharged and/or celebrated for their service in the military. It started back after World War I, originally known as Remembrance Day where the community gets together and recognizes those who have served.”

What should Veterans day and month mean to us who have not served? “Veterans Day to the community should just be about recognizing and thanking those who have served and continue to serve that have sacrificed their time for the greater good of our country.”

What are you doing now to continue your service? “I serve veterans every day as I am an active member of our military community. I am a co-founder of the Military Hero’s Support Foundation. I volunteer for the city of Miami for homeless stand-downs. For Veterans weekend we supported an event called Fishing with Americas Finest of which we took out over a hundred veterans, spouses and children for a free day of fishing followed by a BBQ for all to enjoy.  This gave these families a day of where they were just able to enjoy without the daily stress, hardships or issues that they may have to deal with.”

Janette, what can we do to help? “My ask to the community is that they support either the Military Hero’s Support Foundation or any foundation which supports our veterans and those currently serving the military. Sometimes just a simple thank you is all that is needed!” 

“The Military Hero’s Support Foundation main project sends support packages to soldiers overseas on a monthly basis. We are currently in the process of sending over 700 stockings to soldiers for the holidays. These stockings are filled with protein bars, non-perishable items, beef jerky, candy, and any other items to make them feel appreciated especially around the Holidays.” 

“We also through our foundation assists in the transition to civilian life of those soldiers that have issues. We provide them the resources to become resilient and/or maintain their resilience which is key to living a more normal civilian life.”

“Holidays can be a very stressful time for those who have served that are struggling with the normal day to day life as a civilian. Some of these soldiers have brought back some horrible memories that have affected them that emotionally. We give them the resources and counseling to better adapt. We want them to know that we are here to have their back as so they understand that they are not alone. This and this alone, goes a long way.”

Janette, we thank you for your continued service and contribution to our military community!

For anyone looking to contribute and support The Military Hero’s Support Foundation, just go to the below link. http://www.militaryheroesupportfoundation.org.