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Step 4 in Creating a Synergistic Dream Team Organization

Over the last few weeks, we discussed three different strategies in the implementation of Creating a Synergistic Dream Team Organization. We started with the creation of an organizational Vision, Mission & Purpose for your team to follow and strive for opposed to just clocking in from 8 – 5.

We discussed the implementation and use of behavioral assessments as so you’ll understand where everyone properly fits within your organization in addition to being able to communicate properly to each different behavioral type to create a win/win for all. Next, we touched on implementing short, useful, constructive meetings to keep everyone on point in addition to keeping proper communication as a top priority.

This week we are going to dive into something rather boring, however, implementation of the proper structure to build a Synergistic Dream Team Organization is sometimes boring, however, extremely useful.

Step four of building your Synergistic Dream Team Organization is the proper use of organizational charts. Now, I’m not just discussing the one that you most likely have in place currently that portrays the way your organization looks now. I recommend that you also create an organizational chart of how you want it to look at the completion of your business.

Why is this step so important? In any organization, we must know where we are going. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses have no idea of their exact destination of where they want to be or what they want to look like 5, 10, 20 years out. A future organizational chart will create the end picture of all the different divisions and positions of your organization. It will create all the roles that need to be filled along the way.

These steps will create the road map of what areas need to be created and filled for you and your company to reach that desired goal. It will provide a game plan of what roles to fill first based on your current cycle of growth in the organization. Most importantly, for you smaller business owners, it will take you more away from the day to day task as so you can focus more on building the business.

I would also like you to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to fill all of those roles inhouse. You can out-source certain roles, positions, or tasks by using, or other out-source services that are both inexpensive and efficient.

For you, smaller business owners, understand that your current organizational chart may have you in many of those different roles. Be clear that this has to change to create the business that works for you opposed to you working for it.

Whether you’re a large multi divisional organization or a sole practitioner, take the time to create your future organizational chart. I guarantee that it will get your creative juices flowing and will provide you the clarity of exactly what has to happen between now and then to make it happen. Do this and you’ll be that much closer to building your Synergistic Dream Team Organization.

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