Are you a BEacon of light?3 min read

Are you a BEacon of light is the question I ask of you? This question revolves around what we call the Success Formula which is BE x DO = HAVE. In this formula, we always start with the end in mind. In this case, HAVE represents what you want. What we want may be different for each of us.

The HAVE may represent material things like a new shiny automobile, a certain house, a bigger boat, or a particular amount of money and wealth. It may represent physical goals like a certain weight, body fat, or muscle mass percentage. It may reflect what we want in our business, with our team. It could be a better connection with our family. HAVE simply represents all those things we want to achieve in all areas of our life. 

The DO represents the actions we take to actually achieve what we want. The systems, strategies, processes, solutions, and applications of which we follow through on to achieve our HAVE. 

In this formula, if HAVE represents what we want and DO represents the action we take, what does the BE represent? The BE represents our thoughts, who we are, how we are showing up, who we become in the process. The person we need to BE to actually apply all of what is necessary to achieve our HAVE. 

This is where I feel many business owners and leaders get hung up. Most people ask the wrong questions in going after what they want. Take a case of wanting a more empowered and ownership thinking team. One may ask themselves, “What do I need to DO to find the right people?” Wrong question. The right question would be, “Who do I need to BE as a leader to attract the right people?” Different question, different focus. You are now taking ownership in focusing on yourself in stepping up to attract what you actually want. 

If you want more, begin to ask yourself the right questions. Who do I need to BE to create the environment and culture to attract the dream team to represent my organization and brand with pride? Who do I need to BE to create the discipline of diet and exercise to hit my desired physical goals? Who do I need to BE as a spouse, a father, a communicator to BE that person that my family and friends love to be around? Who do I need to BE to not necessarily make it about me, but about everyone else around me? 

In this formula, the BE is the Beacon of Light. The more we Become, the harder we work on ourselves and by comparing ourselves to the best image of who we can possibly BE, we become more. As when we become more, everyone else around us becomes more. Because our actions and energy are exhibiting us at our best and people want to follow winners that are striving to BE their best. 

Think about when you throw a small pebble into a lake and those ripples begin to spread wider and wider. That’s what a Beacon of light is. When you become more, you’re like that little rock that creates the ripples in the water that begin to influence your team, your colleagues, your clients, your purveyors, your family, your friends, your community. 

In final, the next time you begin to ask yourself, “What do I need to DO to get more?” rephrase the question and ask yourself, “Who do I need to BE to get more?” You work on that and strive to become your best. I promise you everything and everyone around you will follow your lead. 

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