Are You A Master Of Your Time?2 min read

The last couple of weeks we have been digging deep into the value of our time. We’ve pointed out that Time is our Most Valuable Asset and Time is Money. We discussed how to get more intentional with our time, to get the most bang for our buck.

We covered the four zones, of which we now understand that we want to be working in the most desired zone, the productivity zone. The zone of where all the important things get done. The priorities that move the needle forward in the organization.

This week we will cover the important four D’s of time. Follow this process of the four D’s and you will place yourself in the productivity zone.

Before we attack the four D’s, the first exercise of this process is to actually list your priorities in the order of importance. You can create an A’s first, B’s second and C’s last type list. Once you have this list, proceed to the next step.

Step one is, as Nike would say; Just Do it. Develop a plan to ‘do’ what needs to be done. List the things that you absolutely have to get done and by a certain time and most importantly, has to be done by you. Get clear of all distractions, block out the time on your calendar, get in the zone and get it done.

Step two is to Defer it: This is where your default diary or weekly calendar comes into play. Have a particular day in your calendar of where you defer things too. Know what needs to get done and by when and just schedule it on your block time calendar accordingly.

Step Three is to Delete it: By creating your A’s first, B’s second, C’s last priorities list. You will actually find that some of those priorities are not priorities at all, some of them simply don’t matter. If they are not moving the needle forward, they aren’t important and if they are not important, simply dump them from the list.

Step four would be to Delegate it: A great leader is a leader who knows how to properly delegate. Have the confidence to delegate tasks to your team, let them step up and execute on those priorities, this is where your team will grow. This is also where your inner leaders will emerge.

Last is to consistently keep to your weekly calendar. Have your week blocked out in advance where every day should be planned in 30-minute blocks – from beginning to end. Be sure to make a list of the following day tasks at the end of each and every day. Make sure next week’s calendar is done on Friday and not on Monday morning.  

Follow this four D’s system, stick to your weekly calendar and you will be the Master of your time.