Are you chasing shiny objects?1 min read

Let the madness begin. This Wednesday and Thursday for you ocean-bearing folks, is mini-lobster season. Two days of which us recreational divers have the opportunity to snag a limit of 12 lobsters, as opposed to 6 lobsters for the day. The crazy part of these two days as how so many divers and non-divers alike in South Florida and especially in the Keys come out of the woodwork to chase down these tasty crustaceans. Some of those who haven’t dived since last year or who have never dived at all will be getting in the water. A law was actually passed in the Keys outlawing midnight dives as some would hit the Tiki Bars before going out to dive and then drown. Yes, crazy madness!

Essentially, are all those crazed out of the wood work lobster divers just chasing shiny objects? Stop and think, how many of us are chasing shiny objects in our business? How many of us jump at any and every idea in an attempt to find the answers to take our business to the next level? How many of us are checking email solicitations or taking calls on marketing and such when it really isn’t conducive with our plan?

When you are not clear on your plan, you will always be chasing shiny objects. You will always be looking for the quick answer or the new get rich quick idea.

Those who are equipped with sound plans, a clear vision and a carefully selected team who are all aligned and focused in carrying out their plan will most always succeed opposed to just running around chasing those shiny objects.


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