Are You Comfortable?3 min read

It’s a dark rainy Sunday morning in South Florida. Outside of maybe getting a cup of coffee, there’s really no need to jump out of bed as you’re comfortable right where you are. It’s winter time in Boston, it’s frigid cold outside, there’s snow on the ground. It’s nice and warm under the covers, you’re comfortable, you’ve made the decision that you’re not going anywhere for now.

However, it’s a dark rainy Monday morning in South Florida or a cold snowy Monday morning in Boston. You’re comfortable in bed right where you are. However, you’re a leader of an organization or a business owner, the workday has officially begun. You’re comfortable where you are, however, it’s time to get uncomfortable, brave the elements, get out there to lead and serve. That’s the commitment you made when you took on that role.

In business, if you are growing or want to grow. If you want to one-up your competition. If you want to stay ahead in this fast-moving world and you want to capture the success that you are truly capable of achieving. Sometimes you just simply have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. You may not want to go there, however, to grow yourself, your team and your organization, you must constantly be moving ahead, you must venture into what we call the uncomfortable zone.

Why is it so important to get comfortable being uncomfortable? Because this is the only place where all true personal and professional growth lies. Growth doesn’t happen by staying in your nice warm comfortable bed. It exists out there in the rain and the snow where it’s uncomfortable. Even with those elements, we find a way to persevere ahead to consistently succeed.

Is it uncomfortable facing your fears? Is it uncomfortable doing something you’ve never done before? Is it uncomfortable doing those extra reps at the gym or running that extra lap? Is it uncomfortable persevering during difficult times? The answer to all these preceding questions is an absolute yes. However, it’s through facing our fears, doing those extra reps, running that additional lap, persevering through the difficult times that force us to grow and learn. It’s through taking that extra step even when we don’t want to that ultimately makes us stronger and more resilient.

We essentially have to get comfortable getting uncomfortable if we want to scale the ultimate ladder of success. Ask yourself this question. Do you rather be uncomfortable now in doing what needs to be done, even though sometimes it seems monotonous and difficult, to live a comfortable life later or are you willing to be comfortable now by not pushing yourself to higher achievement only to be uncomfortable later in life? That’s truly the question you have to ask yourself. Depending on your answer will determine whether you pay the price now or pay the price later?

Remember, if it’s a cold or rainy Sunday morning, that’s the time to be comfortable. If you’re on vacation with your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand, that’s the time to be comfortable. However, if you want more, if you want to lead and succeed. It’s time to get uncomfortable.

If you need that extra push, take a look at hiring a coach. Whether it be a professional business, fitness or life coach. Coaching is an essential ingredient of getting ourselves or others outside of their comfort zone. There are examples after examples through time of those who took that step to have someone else guide them through those uncomfortable times to get them to realize the success that they celebrate today.


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