Are you eXtraordinary?

We are coming to the end of our ABC’s of Creating a Successful Organization. Interesting enough on this occasion I found it a little bit difficult finding the perfect word to represent the letter X. So, I cheated a little and went with eXtraordinary.

The definition of eXtraordinary is very unusual or remarkable. The synonyms are exceptionalamazingastonishingastoundingsensationalstunningincredibleunbelievablephenomenalstrikingoutstandingmomentousimpressivesingularmemorableunforgettableuniquenoteworthy, out of the ordinary, uncommonraresurprisingfantasticterrifictremendousstupendousawesome and wonderous.

EXtraordinary is actually two words being extra-ordinary. Warren Buffet has a quote that reads, “It is not necessary to do eXtraordinary things to get eXtraordinary results.” Being eXtraordinary is all about doing the little things consistently and relentlessly to achieve eXtraordinary results.

There’s a great little book called 212 degrees. In the book, you will read about how 211-degree water is very hot, however, 212-degree water is boiling hot water, hot enough to generate steam, steam able to power a locomotive engine. Huge difference in the outcome, however, only a 1 percentage change in degree.

The same goes for the difference between an Olympic athlete winning the gold or one winning the silver. Sometimes it’s a 1/100 of a second difference from first to second, however, who remembers any of the silver medal winners? No one.

Take a look at the golf championships, horse racing or auto racing. The difference between first and second is usually very small, however, the difference in the winning purse between first and second are usually very large. Small percentage difference in time, huge difference in earnings.

What does it actually take to be eXtraordinary? It simply takes a commitment – a mindset to do the necessary little things over and over again until you become eXtra-ordinary, it’s not an every other day thing – it’s an everyday thing. It’s a standard of eXcellence to be the best you can be and doing what is necessary to get there.

How do you become eXtraordinary in business?  You have to commit to a standard of eXcellence in every area of the organization that must also be up-hold by everyone involved. Most importantly, you must first create the structure and culture within the organization to achieve this standard of eXcellence. You need to have the right systems and processes in place for hiring, onboarding with on-going training.  

Creating the culture of accountability and ownership by documenting roles and responsibilities with the entire staff including a follow-up review process. Educating on the proper vital functions for each of your team with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) with testing & measuring to gauge their results and progress. Having the proper systemized communication measures in place as so all are updated and on the same page.

These are just some of the ingredients in creating the structure and culture of an eXtraordinary organization. Remember the words of Warren Buffet, “It is not necessary to do eXtraordinary things to get extraordinary results.” EXtraordinary results are simply about making a commitment of doing the little things consistently and relentlessly to achieve the eXtraordinary results you desire. Create your systems and processes, pledge your commitment to eXcellence and go and be eXtraordinary.