Are you in the Zone?3 min read


We have previously discussed that Time is your Most Valuable Asset and Time is Money. However, the questions present itself, are you truly intentional with your time? Distractions in the workplace are costing on average $650 Billion dollars to the U.S. economy in lost productivity every year. The reason is that most people are just not intentional with their time, they are not working in the desired zone.

If we look at a time target below we will see four zones. You, of course, want to be in the two inner zones, which I call the productivity zone. Let’s take a look at how this exercise can get you centered on where you need to be to be most productive.

The outer rim of this time target reflects the space of Not Urgent & Not Important, this is the area of complete distraction. This can be one getting lost on Facebook or reading a post about some news that clearly doesn’t serve you, your organization, team, family or community. If it doesn’t serve your cause, don’t bother with it because it is only taking your attention away from what is most important. This area sucks at least 10% of your daily time away. This area is the devil of stealing your time.

The next inner rim reflects Urgent & Not Important, this is the delusional space. The delusional space is as I call them, the dings, the rings, and the bings. It’s your texts, your phone ringing, and your emails. If you are reacting to every time you receive a text or every time your phone rings or every time you receive an email. You are certainly blowing up your time. It’s a reactionary state that takes you out of the inner circles of productivity. This area will rob another 10% of your productive time. 

The inner rim is the Demand state, this comprises about 60% of your day. This is where all the true productivity happens. These are the things you absolutely have to get done and by a certain time. This is where an executive, a business owner or an employee truly gets paid. This is where the job gets done.

As you review these areas I hope you are getting clear on where you may be getting caught up in the outer two circles and realizing that you may be wasting at least 20% of your day. If you also truly believe that Time is Money, you will now understand how we are leaving $650 Billion on the table in lost productivity in the U.S. Economy. Right now, however, it’s about yours, your teams and your organizations economy. Get intentional with your time. Get clear on how to block out the delusional and distraction areas of your day. Get that wasted 20% of time back into the Demand State and you will now have more time.

The bulls eye of Not Urgent but Important is where you as an organization are slowing down and getting clear on what’s most important. It’s planning, it’s strategizing, it’s learning how to move forward in the most productive state that serves everyone involved.

When you learn how to be truly intentional with your time. When you master how to block out the 20% outer rim of time stealers. Then and only then will you be clear on how to be in the Zone.

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