Are you mastering your delivery?2 min read

Rubber duck armyIt’s well known that people do business with those they know, like and trust. Creating repeat business from our customers always boils down to delivering a consistent product or service. Do your customers know, like and trust that your business will produce a product and service that meets or exceeds their expectations?

Tony Robbins says, “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” Being consistent is more important that excellent occasionally. Consistency isn’t an average of the product you produce; once day great and one day subpar. Consistency is delivering a product or service that is the same every single day.

Mastering delivery means that because of the systems and processes you and your team have established, your product or service will always be the same and will meet or exceed customer expectations.  Consistent delivery of your product or service will ensure customers buy from you again and again, and will refer your business to others.

To get to the point of delivery mastery, you will first need to define what the quality of product or service is that you want to deliver. This includes considering costs, profitability, resources and sales price point. Next, you and your team will develop systems and procedures needed to efficiently create that product or service. Once you have the systems mastered, you will have a consistent product to offer your customers.

Think about McDonald’s cheeseburgers. They taste exactly the same whether you are in Los Angeles, New York or China. McDonald’s has mastered delivery of a consistent product. It isn’t a filet mignon from Ruth’s Chris, but it is always the same. You get exactly what you expect everywhere, every time.

If there is a breakdown in the system, your product will suffer and you will end up with unhappy customers, unhappy customers will eventually lead to down tick in revenues and profits.  When you fall short of your customers’ expectations, go back and review your processes to determine the differentiating factor that prevented you from delivery mastery.

To take your delivery to another level, talk to your business coach about establishing the type of product or service you want to deliver to your customers. Together you can establish systems and processes to ensure that you have mastered delivery!