Are you ready to Zoom ?

We are at the completion of our ABC’s of Creating a Successful Organization. We will now take a look at all the ingredients in running a successful organization or business. The question is, have you mastered all the principles in this series and are you, your team and your organization ready to zoom?

We started out the series with the first letter of the alphabet very fittingly being A, as A stands for Attitude. In the first step of any successful endeavor whether it be in business or in life the beginning always starts with a positive Attitude. 

B was about having solid Bench Strength which is the key to maintaining any sustainable success in any organization.

Week three gave us Dr. Martin Luther King Jr principles on Mastering the art of Communication.

D was for an effective Delivery process in every area of your organization. Leading to E for Efficiency.

Week six we shared several F-words that we believe are key to running successful organizations. Be sure to revisit to find out what they are.

Week seven we shared how you can increase the probability of your success by 78% by using SMART GOALS.  Followed by investigating the value of your Human capital. Which lead to what is really your greatest Investment?

J was about being aware of being a Jack of all Trades.

K was for KPI’s known as Key Performance Indicators which are the measurable values that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving their key business objectives and goals.

L was asking if you are applicating the power of Leverage in all the different areas of your organization to be truly effective and efficient?

M represented an interview with Brad Sugars the founder of Action Coach about the importance of Mentors. Be sure to give it a listen if you haven’t already.

N represented the importance of saying No with some examples of some of the most successful people on the planet? Followed by what’s the Opportunity cost of your decision-making process?

P represented with the high failure rate in business, do you have what it takes to Persevere to Profits while staying in the game for the long term.

Week seventeen we visited the letter Q and the 16 cylinders formulated of Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit to see if your team Qualifies to represent your organization and brand!

We visited R to see if you are actually Resisting the Results that you are actually after.

S was for Systems which stands for Saving Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money. And systems are simply about documenting and delivering consistent repeatable results time after time. 

T represented team which stands for Together Everyone Achieves More of which we used the ultimate example of the Navy Seals and their Trident.

Week twenty-one we asked does your Uniqueness stand above the pack? What are you doing to stand out amongst your competition?

V and W, asked you if the clarity of your Vision and Why are creating your organizational Victories as well as Win / Win outcomes.

X was simply about being eXtraordinary as average just doesn’t cut it. And you can only be eXtraordinary when you are clearly articulating a strong confident YES which ultimately means You Expect Success.

I invite you to go back to review any of these principles to sharpen up your ax as they say.

Simply speaking – when you have mastered all that has been provided to you in the ABC’s of Creating a Successful Organization and have taken on an accountability partner or Coach to ensure that you consistently follow through on all that you have learned – you, your team and your business should be ready to Zoom!