Are you Resistant to change?3 min read

In the abc’s of ‘Building a Successful Business’ blog series I first was going to write a blog on Results because let’s face it – that’s what we are all after. However after some careful thought I realized that if we are resistant to change – there are many results that we just may never achieve because of this stance. So in this week’s blog I decided to cover the word Resistance.

The definition of Resistance is; the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

In business and in life for us to consistently grow we must also constantly adapt. As a world we are always dealing with constant change. We have our government constantly delivering new policies and procedures that we must comply with. Some industries and professions of course may have to deal with this subject more or less than others however we still must all comply.  In addition we have the constant advancement of technology and social media. The way we use to advertise and market ourselves is not necessarily the way we advertise and market ourselves in today’s world. If we are standing still in business and not progressing forward in these areas – we are actually moving backwards as others are passing us buy.

As business owners and human beings, we all unfortunately have our blind spots. If we fail to recognize and address these blind spots we could just be the ones that are left behind. Business coaching is a very interesting profession as in we are always dealing with people’s blind spots. Those who are game to first getting clear – then learning, then adapting and changing to erase these blind spots are those who will grow and move forward. Unfortunately some of us are sometimes resistant to change, feedback, advice or constructive criticism. Some of us don’t want to recognize our blind spots as we may not like what we see.

There are some of us who may actually feel that we already know what ever is out there so we don’t accept any new learnings. “I Know” could actually be the two most dangerous words or thoughts in the human language, as if we are thinking or saying it – we are shutting down whatever potential knowledge that may be coming our way. We are also disrespecting the other party where this information is coming from. There is a vast world of information and knowledge out there in this universe – don’t be the one shutting your own self out of this equation.

I heard a great saying from a Navy Seal on an interview with Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine. He said, “I faced the enemy and the enemy was me.” Basically what that means is what we fear most is what we will resist and by resisting whatever that fear is could be the one measure of blockage that keeps us from getting what we really want.

So, take down the resistance, open up, ask more questions, block out the “I know” and really engage in empowering conversations. Do this and you just may be surprised how far you go.