Are You Resisting Your Results?3 min read

The one thing in this world that affects us all both in business and life is that we are always facing a constant state of change. To stay competitive, we must consistently grow and adapt with this change. If we don’t, the world may simply leave us behind.

The definition of insanity is “Consistently doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” This theory simply doesn’t work. The only way to consistently grow is to stretch beyond our comfort zone. To do things that we haven’t done before. We have to do these things that may be uncomfortable for us, however, we must still persevere through these feelings of uncomfortableness. We must measure the results of these new habits and actions. Because, as we push through, take action, measure and begin to realize these new results we will actually gain momentum and confidence to go even further.

Results, let’s face it is what we’re all after. However, if we’re resistant to change – there are many results that we may never capture.

The definition of Resistance is; the refusal to accept or comply with something.

As business owners and human beings, we all have our blind spots. If we fail to recognize and address these blind spots we will never grow. Business coaching is a very interesting profession as we are always dealing with people’s blind spots, including our own as why we also have coaches. Those of us who are open to first getting clear – then learning, adapting and making the shifts to address these blind spots are those who will grow, move forward and achieve different results.

Unfortunately, some of us are resistant to change, feedback, facing tough questions or taking constructive criticism. Some of us simply don’t want to recognize or address these blind spots as we may not like what we see. There’s an old cliché, “The truth will set you free.” How can we possibly address an issue, if we don’t know what it is?

Some may actually feel that they already know enough so they resist any potential new learning’s. The words “I Know” could actually be the two most dangerous words or thoughts in the human language as if we are thinking or saying it – we are shutting down whatever potential knowledge that is available to us. There is a vast world of information and knowledge available in this universe – if we are shutting ourselves out of this universal equation, we just may be shorting ourselves out of potential extraordinary results.

There’s a great saying by a Navy Seal, he said, “I faced the enemy and the enemy was me.” Basically, what this means is what we fear most is what we will resist and by resisting what we fear most may actually block us from achieving what we really want.

The best way to grow beyond this resistance is to take on a coach, one that will help push us through both our comfort zone as well as our resistance zone. Because, when you decide to open up, take down the resistance, drop the “I know,” ask more questions, and engage in empowering conversations. You will slowly begin to stretch and grow outside your comfort zone. And most importantly you just may capture those extraordinary results that have been eluding you all this time.