Attitude – Action – Results5 min read

Attitude – Action – Results

Attitude – Action – Results, are essentially the principles for success. Search out any successful person, anyone that you look up to and you will find they’re exhibiting these ingredients, they’re successful and they get results for a reason.

Let’s take a look at it. Attitude always comes first. There’s no secret why “A” is the first letter in the alphabet and attitude starts with “A”. You will know when you’re associating with somebody that has a positive mental attitude. They have energy, they have enthusiasm, it’s contagious, you want to be around it. 

What do we need to do to create this positive mental attitude? It’s simple. Four components, mind, body, heart, spirit. Mind, protect your mind. There’s a great book written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. He spent 25 years of his life researching the most powerful people on the planet and he came up with 13 guiding principles, that if followed and mastered anyone will be successful. The first chapter of the book is “Thoughts are things” as it all begins with how you think. If you want to be successful, you have to think successfully. 

Number one, protect the mind, make sure your energy and attention go only to what serves you. The people, what you read, what you take in. If it’s not serving you, your family, your community, your team, your organization or your clients, don’t put your energy there. Protect what goes in your mind as it’s the most valuable piece of equipment you have on your body.

Next is your body, strong body, strong mind, make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically. You know the difference when you’re in shape and when you’re out of shape. When you’re in shape and you’re working out, you are more energetic, you’re more enthusiastic, your endorphins are in full play, and you just bring a better you to the equation.

Heart, is to be grateful, take the word attitude, add a “gr” and you get gratitude. When you’re grateful for what you already have, you will get more and you’ll be focusing on the right things.

Last is Spirit. Be connected to the universe. If it takes meditation in the morning to get really connected and clear on how you want to show up throughout the day, do what it takes.

Mind, body, heart, spirit, bring a positive mental attitude because positive mental attitude equals “Pay More Always.” Action, what do we need to do to take more action? First of all, I talked about in my video a couple of weeks back. Dream, goals, learn, plan, action, are there certain action steps we need to take, do we need to shine up our skills first? Do we need to learn more to take the proper action steps? Most importantly, the first step in action is to create a plan, write it down. Take what’s in your head and put on paper, write the priorities down, write your goals down, write in the strategies and the action steps and just follow your plan.

If you need a coach or a mentor to hold you accountable for doing these things, hire one. So many people will tell you, “Oh, I know exactly what to do, I just don’t do it.” In this case, get someone to hold you accountable. I spoke about this in last week’s blog.

Simply spoken; when you take the proper action and you’re doing the work, most importantly, you’re doing the right work and you’ve got your head on straight producing the right attitude, you will get the results. 

Just recently we lost a great athlete and man. This man exhibited these principles perfectly, Kobe Bryant, always brought the right attitude to the equation. You knew if you were a basketball player playing against Kobe Bryant, you knew that you better bring your ‘A’ game or he’s going to absolutely smoke you on the court. 

Kobe had a great attitude. He had his serious face, his game face and that cheerful smile when he was with the ones he loved. Action, Kobe Bryant did the work, he worked hard on his game on being his best. There are some great players that I have spoken about this over the last week, how they felt they had a great work ethic, however, when they compared to Kobe, they felt that they weren’t even in the same level of work ethic.

And because of exhibiting those two ingredients, he produced extraordinarily results. What’s most interesting in what I realized, is when you really show up and work on your attitude and you take the right action and you get the results, Kobe Bryant actually created a legacy that he is honored and known worldwide.

Take inventory of yourself. Where do you need to shine up your attitude? What are some of the things you need to put in place? Action, get a plan, write it down, take the steps, follow-through, stay in shape, physically, mentally, and I guarantee you’ll get the results you’re looking for. 

If anybody needs a little assistance in either one of these areas to guide you to get you more, feel free to reach out.