Bacon, Eggs, Your Team and Productivity!2 min read

What do Bacon, Eggs, Your Team, and Productivity have anything to do in common? Let’s take a look at a bacon and eggs breakfast. The bacon comes from the pig. The pig is fully committed to the process of your breakfast.
With your team, you want the pigs. The pigs are your team members that are fully committed and engaged in your organization. They don’t necessarily look at the clock, they’re all about doing whatever it takes to complete their job. They represent your brand with pride, they have ownership in your organization in what they do and what they bring to the table. They are helping you grow your company. You want the pigs in your organization.

Now the chicken is only partially participating in the process of breakfast by delivering the egg. In business, these are the employees that are somewhat engaged and not fully engaged. They’re not necessarily hurting your business dramatically, however, they’re not really helping it either. These are the employees that are looking at the clock. They are those that you sometimes have to push to actually do their job well. They don’t carry the ownership of the fully engaged, they just come in, somewhat do their job and just wait for the closing bell to ring and not really represent the brand with pride.

There are some places that go as far as serving powdered eggs. This is where there is absolutely no participation at all from the chicken. These are the employees that are the totally disengaged people on your team. These are the people that are hurting your organization, hurting your brand, hurting your productivity and are not helping your company grow. These are the employees that have to go!

In business, you want the pigs. You want the fully engaged individuals that are going to represent your brand with pride and help your organization grow. These are people that can mature and move up the ladder within the organization and hopefully someday take over your responsibilities as so you can step back as an experienced, entrepreneurial business owner should at some point.

Now it’s your job to attract these types of engaged team members based on the structure and culture that you build within the organization. In my prior blogs, we discussed the six steps of building a synergistic dream team organization. Take a look back and grade yourself on the implementation of these steps.

In final, let me remind you of the next time you’re enjoying a bacon and eggs breakfast to fully enjoy that bacon because that pig is fully committed to the process of your breakfast. And in business just remember the type of people you want representing your organization. You want the pigs, not the chickens and definitely not the powdered eggs.