Be Water! Pursue your dreams!3 min read

Bruce Lee had a great little line that I love. “Be water, my friend.” My question to you is, do you flow like water, like a river? Or do you let the big rocks and boulders stop you from pursuing your dreams?

In addition to writing these weekly blogs. I also have a YouTube channel. However, I had a goal of starting these weekly videos in the third quarter of 2016. I had it written down again in the fourth quarter of 2016. In the first quarter of 2017, I had the same goal of doing videos. However, I finally took action and in the first of 2017, we set up the equipment and start doing videos.

What thought actually pursued me to take action was the thought of Steve Jobs in a garage with an idea and no fear of failure. He was clear about where he wanted to go. No one else knew where he wanted to go, but he did. Apple computer now is the largest market capitalized company in the world. Steve Jobs just began. He just started. For four years now, I’ve been doing videos every Monday morning, because I just started. I just began. Were they perfect at first? Heck no! However, I got better as I went along.

Now envision for a moment, a river, a stream, that’s flowing nicely until all of a sudden it comes up to these big rocks, these big, jagged boulders. Now let’s say you’re the water and you thought, “Oh my, those are really big rocks. They’re too big, I guess the journey ends here.” No! What does the water do? The water finds ways to go around it, over it, beneath it, aside. And over the years, from that water pursuing and going around and over those rocks, those rocks no longer are rigid, they’re nice and smooth because the water grounded down those rocks over the years. The water was persistent. The water knew where it was going. The water was clear on its goals. The water wasn’t going to stop because some big rocks were in its way.

Do you have something on your yearly plan, on your to-do list, on your goal sheet, on your dream board that you want to accomplish, and for whatever reason, those big boulders are in front of you, and you’re stopping? Be like Bruce Lee, be water, my friend. Smooth out those rocks. Go above it, around it, beneath it, beside it, make sure you get by those rocks. Your business and life depend on it.

If you need assistance, there’s always somebody like myself or someone else out there to give you a little push, a little guidance to be like the water and get by those big rocks and pursue your dreams.