Book of the Week: Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the only thing. By George Cloutier3 min read


If you are looking for a book to sugar coat things for what has to happen to you as an owner and in your business then this book is not for you. ‘Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the only thing’ is a no nonsense book that gets right in your face of what has to happen for your company to be profitable and be profitable consistently.

“Small businesses continue to be incubators for innovation and employment growth in our nation. Small businesses continue to play a vital role in the economy of the United States as they are the backbone of regional and local economy as they employ more than 60 million people and creating 65 – 70% of the new jobs each year, however many out there still have no clue about the realities that small businesses face.

If you want to compete in the world of a small business owner you must be constantly on top of your game. You must be driven, dedicated and flexible. You must be willing to adapt to change and roll with the punches when they come because trust me they will come.

This book will make you aware of your true responsibility as an owner. You are the leader so you will need to act like one. If your team isn’t what or where you want them to be take a close look at both them and you. Take responsibility.

This book will ask you if you love your business as much as your family – as if your family was in a crisis. You would do everything imaginable to help them out. Wouldn’t you? So, are you looking at your business the same way?

You will get clear on whether your employees respect you or not. I didn’t say “Like” I said “Respect.” Are you clear as well as are they clear on your orders? Do you say it with conviction and stand by it? Do they follow your instructions?

Are you paying for performance? Money talks! You will learn how to empower, recognize and reward the top performers.

Are you aware of all your customers and their needs? With small businesses you have to know everything that’s going on at all times.

You will get clear on the importance of paying yourself well and paying yourself first. This is usually a challenge with many smaller businesses.

Are you satisfied? If you are – you shouldn’t be. There are always ways to make things better. It’s that 1% difference between the hot 211 degree water and the boiling 212 degree water that makes all the difference in your business. Commit to doing whatever it takes. Fight for every sale. Learn to love winning.

You must be willing to do today what others won’t, so you can achieve tomorrow what others can’t. Do everything to take care of the business and everything else will take care of itself. Be sure to work harder, faster and smarter than your competition. You do this and you will win.

You may find in reading this book as I did that you may not necessarily agree with everything he writes. However read the entire book and take from it what you believe applies to you and your business. Also be conscious that some of the subjects apply to businesses in the early stages of their growth and may or may not apply to you and your business based on what stage you may be in. Enjoy it as I did and take the golden nuggets that work for you and your business.