Clarity from a For-Lease sign

Last week, I shared about my unfortunate first year in business and what a great learning lesson it was to guide me through my coaching journey.

This week, I’m going to ask you a question. Somewhere along the line, have you ever made a decision to buy a certain business, go into a certain profession and something happened that confirmed that your decision was right?

I’ll ask another question, have any of you ever driven by a strip mall. To see a new restaurant, yoga shop, hair salon, or any other business go up. Only to see six, twelve, eighteen months later, unfortunately, a for-lease sign goes up in the window. What did you think when you witnessed that for-lease sign? Most likely, not really much emotion was expressed. When I used to see that for-lease sign go up, I used to just think, “Huh, another one bites the dust.” No emotion whatsoever.

Then I became a business coach and the first time I drove by a strip mall, actually right around the block from my home, I witnessed a for-lease sign go up. Only this time I stopped and started thinking a bit differently, the questions in my mind were. “What’s behind that for lease sign? What’s behind that another one bites the dust? Is it a husband and wife that went all in, that risked their retirement on that business? How did it affect their marriage? Did they have children? How did it affect the children? Did a man that had such an ego that went all in the business by himself and failed, that unfortunately affected him to the point of depression that he checked out of life itself?”

When I thought about this, it made me realize that there’s a lot more to this coaching profession than I thought there was. I might not just be helping a business owner thrive, build a team, make more money, build their brand, get more clients. I might be saving a family, a life, an existence, a legacy. This new awareness really got me centered on exactly why I coach business owners.

I am fortunate to belong to a wonderful organization called ActionCOACH. Brad Sugars’ vision from 27 years ago is ‘world abundance through business reeducation.’ ActionCOACH, being in 84 plus countries around the world, has a lofty goal to get a coach in every business, because just like I shared last week when you have somebody offering you the solutions, strategies, and systems to implement into your business to make it greater. While also challenging you to see your blind spots to grow professionally, personally, and become better. This process is priceless, and the results are amazing.

Now, let’s take Brad’s 27-year-old vision and narrow that down and make it ‘community abundance through business reeducation.’ My goal is to help as many committed business owners out there in my community as I can. When we look over just the last few months of this year, 2020, how difficult it’s been. Fortunately, many of my clients have prospered through this. When one of those clients share, “Coach, I don’t know if I would have been able to get through the last few months without you. Thank you.” My God, how this hits home for me.

The business journey is sometimes not an easy one. But as far as you and your business, I encourage you to really get centered on why you do what you do. It’s important to get really clear on this. Because when you get clear on the “why,” all that other noise begins to go away. 

I encourage you to get and stay intentional on exactly why you do what you do. Don’t be the one that the for-lease sign goes up in your window. Be the one that’s in business for years, and years, and years to come. Get a mentor, get a coach, get clear on you why, do it right, have fun, cash checks, and make your business great.

Tune in next week, as I’m going to share with you five easy secrets to get the ultimate F-bomb in business. Be well. See you next Monday.