Do you fly on auto-pilot?2 min read

airplaneAirplanes use almost one third of its fuel to get off the ground. The pilots are alert and on the ready to ensure a smooth lift off until the winds carry the plane. After they have reached their cruising altitude they switch on auto-pilot. From that point, they are on stand-by to take over from the automated pilot should a problem arise. They remain in that state until it is time to land the plane, where they then use even more fuel to safely land the plane.

How much energy do you expend to get your business off the ground before you switch on your auto pilot? Many new businesses fail because the owner underestimated the amount of time, energy and money it would take to get to the point where the business was profitable. They expect to open their doors and start counting the Benjamins. Then they quit just when they are reaching their cruising altitude because they are burnt out.

Our last ActionCOACH 90 Day Planning Growth Club was so dynamic! Business owners where having revelations left and right. Everyone left excited, energized and motivated to start the New Year off with a bang. “Next year will be our best year ever!” The participants are going to start January 2015 using more fuel and energy than in the past. But at what point will auto pilot kick in and that motivation diminish?

One of the reasons we do Growth Club quarterly planning and check in with you weekly or monthly is to ensure that you are rationing your fuel. Auto pilot shouldn’t kick in if you are still climbing altitude. Come next December you will start expending more energy because you realize the annual ride is almost over and you haven’t accomplished everything you planned at that Q1 Growth Club.

However, there is a positive side to auto pilot. Having systems and a team that are all in synergy will allow you to cut back on the tasks that can be delegated. Creating a business that runs without you in the cockpit the entire flight is the ultimate goal and definition of success. The key is to not burn up all your fuel before you have reached your cruising altitude.

We are about to begin a new year and you can make this the best year yet for you and your business. Talk to your coach about your goals and how to reach them. Together your business can soar to new heights!