Do you Leverage your Hour of Power?3 min read

I have another question for all of you out there this week. The question is, “How are you spending the first hour of your day?” The first hour of your morning is the most important hour for you to get your mind right for the day ahead. It’s where you prepare to do whatever it takes to get yourself on you’re A-Game so you can go out and perform at peak level.

Are you one of those individuals who just get up in the morning brushes their teeth, gets a cup a coffee then runs out into the business world with no intentionality for the day ahead? Do you wake up and immediately start checking emails to put yourself in overwhelm before the day even begins? Are you one of those who turns on a news channel like CNN and starts listening to negative news the first thing in the morning of which definitely doesn’t serve you?

Are you one of those successful people that read in the morning or recites affirmations? Do you start your day by stretching, going to the gym to lift weights, participate in a spinning class, a yoga class or simply go for a nice morning run? Are you getting your body and mind moving and working the first thing in the morning to get prepared for the day ahead? You want to be intentionally conscious that the first hour of your day is the time to set your day up. No matter what you do, whatever you do it’s all about getting prepared to be on you’re A-Game!

Think about practicing some sort of meditation as you think about all the meetings you’re going to have throughout the day. The meetings with prospects or clients, the empowering meetings you’re going to have with your team or it’s individual members. There may be an important meeting that you just have to have with a particular individual that you rather not have. You can use this time to really concentrate and get prepared in your mind of how these meetings will go so you can be on you’re A-Game to create a win/win conversation for all parties involved.

Most importantly, make sure you create that hour of your morning to get aligned and create your day in advance. Tony Robbins calls this “The Hour of Power.” When you control that first hour of your day everything else will take care of itself. You don’t control that first hour and unconsciously let the day start piling up on you first thing in the morning. Well, you just set yourself up for a potentially hectic uncontrollable day.

Those of you that practice controlling their first hour of your day will actually notice the difference between your behavior and the behavior of others who are not getting aligned first thing in the morning. I remember being on an elevator on a Monday morning all ready to be productive for the day and week ahead and the person next to me asks, “Is it Friday yet?” Wow, I‘m sure it turned out to be a long week for that person.

Make the decision to be conscious of how you’re going to spend that first hour of your day. Don’t let the excuses overpower you in convincing you that you don’t have the time, you’re too busy or your too tired. Most importantly, do whatever you need to do to be on you’re A-Game when you venture out into that business world. By doing so, you’ll serve yourself and everyone else around in a much more productive and positive way.



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