Do you live each day as your last?1 min read

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I have been reading an outstanding book call “The Greatest Secret in the World” by Og Mandino. The book has 10 specific scrolls in which to read 1 each and every day for 30 days before moving on to the next. I went through the entire process already and am doing my second tour now reading a scroll for 5 minutes every day. The title of scroll number 5 is “I will live each day as my last.” It’s about drinking every minute of your day full. It’s about being present in that moment as if it is your last.

Ironically enough I went to celebrate a client’s birthday for lunch today and he had a friend talking about himself returning from the hospital where he experienced the possible exit of his life. It really gave him time to reflect on really living life to the fullest.

Some people unfortunately don’t get it until it’s too late. Think about it – most people bring the vast majority of their dreams to the grave. Don’t wait for the end to wish you did more. Do it now! Live life to the fullest.

Les Brown says it best; “Live Full, Die Empty, Be Hungry!”

I leave you with a video from last Wednesday nights ESPY awards where Craig Sager who is suffering with leukemia gave his speech on receiving the perseverance award.

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