Does Your Business have a Culture?2 min read

Creating a business culture is a big step forward – most cultures grow naturally, based on the personalities of the people who started the business, and deliberately changing them is a huge task that requires cooperation and effort from every level.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Action Coach 14 Points of Culture, they are:

1. Commitment
2. Ownership
3. Integrity
4. Excellence
5. Communication
6. Success
7. Education
8. Team Work
9. Balance
10. Fun
11. Systems
12. Consistency
13. Gratitude
14. Abundance

Examining the Points of Culture
There’s no need to look further than the actions of the world’s largest and most successful corporations to understand why points of culture matter so much. To start with, consider Amazon’s plan for a corporate headquarters. In terms of pure function, there’s no need to be as creative as they are – but designs like their’s help to show a commitment to Point of Culture number nine: having a healthy degree of balance in life. Point Ten (having fun) also comes into this – artistic buildings, on the whole, tend to be far more fun than simple office buildings, and that can have a major impact on the lives of employees.

Not every company can operate on the scale that Amazon does, but having a smaller budget is no reason to avoid following the Points of Culture. All it really means is that a company needs to be more creative about putting their desires into action. Keep in mind in creating a culture it is absolutely essential to create it in a way that it serves the company, the customers and the staff. Creating a culture becomes a powerful tool when you are adding new team members as the new hires will not become part of the company unless they fit in with the already established culture.


Examining Your Company
If your company isn’t following the points of culture right now, then it should be – a positive company culture helps at every level imaginable. It isn’t always an easy thing to create, but when has mere difficulty ever stopped someone determined to succeed?
To figure out where your business culture is at, start with point number three: have integrity and be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid to admit if your business falls short of this corporate ideal – no company is perfect from the start, which is why ActionCOACH is dedicated to providing them the help they need.

Tell yourself the truth at every step of the process, especially when you’re unhappy… and start solving your problems once you’ve identified them. This is the only way that truly improving your company’s culture will ever work, and more importantly, focusing on personal integrity will help set you on the right path to fulfilling the rest of the Points of Culture.
If you already have an established culture that serves – good on you – If not have fun creating your companies culture and always feel free to refer back to our 14 points for assistance.

Learn more about ActionCOACH by reading our Vision and Mission statement.

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