Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges!3 min read

Let me reveal that I’m a big UFC fan, Ultimate Fighting Championship. Why? First of all, I live in Coconut Creek, Florida. I’m about two miles from America Top Team, one of the premier facilities in the entire world. A good Bible study partner of mine was Vitor Belfort, who was an icon in the UFC from Brazil. Most importantly, I really love the type of work that goes into being the best. When you witness some of these fighters you’ve got to appreciate the effort, the sacrifice, the training, everything that goes into being the best. All the different types of techniques and styles that need to be mastered to be the best in the ring. I just love it.

Now in the UFC, there are three ways of winning a fight. One is knocking the other person out, getting a tap out, or getting a decision. Two of the outcomes we’re in control of, one not necessarily. You knock someone out, lights out, the day’s done. You get somebody to tap out, the day’s done, you’ve won. But a decision goes into the hands of the judges. Many of us who are fight fans have seen many fights that we thought went one way or the other, but the judges saw it differently. And at the end of the fight, based on the outcome, someone would be unhappy. Dana White, the president of UFC would always say don’t leave it in the hands of the judges. Israel Adesanya just a week ago, he didn’t leave it in the hands of the judges. The second round, TKO, all done, victory.

Now in business, it’s not any different. There are two ways of doing business, it’s really simple. You either do business right or you don’t. Doing business right is having the entire leadership, management, and team of the organization all aligned in the culture, where they understand the culture of the organization and are all moving forward together. They understand the purpose, the mission, and the why of the organization. Why they’re doing what they’re doing, how they serve their customers, how they serve in this world. When we are doing business right, communication is always at top level. Proper communication is a very important part of the process in any winning organization.

Doing business right is letting the entire team know their expectations and their KPIs, (key performance indicators). Following up with quarterly reviews, to track their results, to let them know how they’re doing and how you can help, and how they need to step up to continue to get better. Doing business right is doing ongoing training with your entire team, as well as with yourself. Learning new techniques, new strategies, to become better in leadership to stay ahead of your competition.  

Doing business right is taking care of your customers. Doing everything you can to make your customers keep on coming back again and again and again. One of the ways of doing business right is doing surveys, asking your customers how you can get better.

The list goes on and on how to do business right. If you’re a common-sense individual, you know the difference between doing business right and doing business wrong. So just like the UFC, in business, you don’t want to leave it in the hands of the judges. You want to have a knockout or a tap out that your customer says, “By far, you are the best.” You want those 5 star Google reviews flying in, complimenting on how well you do and how well you deliver the goods. 

When you’re not doing business right, you’re leaving it in the hands of the judges. And when your competition is doing business right, they’re getting the knockouts and the tap outs and taking business away from you.

Simple message. Just think about what you need to do to tighten things up so you can be on the winning team and be a champion in the business and entrepreneurial world.

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