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The debate can go on forever on what the greatest sales book in the world is. We all know there are many of them out there. However, one that may be overlooked and is familiar to us all is an old classic by Dr. Seuss titled “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Now, we have either read or were read this book back when we were children, however I would now like you to read it as a sales person or an entrepreneur. Because when you do – you will realize that this could be the greatest sales book ever written. In the book, the overly persistent Sam I Am, consistently attempts to get Joey to taste some green eggs and ham. Joey refuses many, many times until finally, trapped with no other alternative, he tries a bite and realizes he does, in fact, like the aforementioned dish.

The secret in this book is how many times and how many different ways Sam I Am asked for the order. In addition, how many times and in how many ways did Joey actually say no that he will not try the Green Eggs and Ham? This is the hidden lesson of pure persistence that should be taken from this book.

The other hidden lesson in the book is; if you feel very strongly that your product or service will indeed bring great value to your customer. Well, you should simply do your ultimate best to get them to see that value. Because if you don’t you will actually be doing them a disservice. Just like Joey eventually tried and enjoyed the green eggs and ham, hopefully, your customers will see the value and try your service as well.

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