Embrace the stretch2 min read

Many of us want more. More out of life, more out of business, more out of our team, just more. However, what are the ingredients to produce more? What does it take to develop a more empowered and enrolled team, to become a better leader, a better business person or to create a winning organization? What does it take to grow mentally or to grow physically?

First, we have to get clear on exactly what we want. Second, we have to develop a plan. However, once the plan is set. What then? What then, is we have to become the person that does what it takes to take the action to fulfill and accomplish the plan. We essentially have to embrace the stretch.

All true growth starts at the end of our comfort zone, not at the beginning or in the middle. We must get comfortable being uncomfortable to grow, it’s the only way.

Think about it. If you go to the gym to lift weights or take a class. How comfortable is it the first time you go? Most of us will state, not very comfortable at all. When you lift weights, the only way to grow your muscles is to lift heavier and heavier weights. It’s uncomfortable, however, it’s what gives us the gains we are looking for. So many out there quit when it gets too hard. They find excuses of why they can’t. They simply are not willing to embrace the uncomfortable, they are not willing to embrace the stretch.

It’s not any different if you are looking to grow your organization. You have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. You have to develop yourself more before you take on the next step. You have to be willing to embrace the stretch.

More on this topic here: https://youtu.be/zu2145viKgI