Finding the balance between feast and famine2 min read

businesswoman balancing on a tightropeLast week CPAs breathed a sigh of relief after completing their client’s tax returns. The endless hours of blood, sweat and tears leading up to this one day causes stress, anxiety, nervous breakdowns and worse. Many other business owners suffer this same emotional and physical roller coaster in their industry. So how do you find the balance when your business is feast or famine?

Create systems

Using your downtime to perfect your systems will keep you engaged when your business is slow, and will help to expedite processes and procedures when that rush comes

Recharge your batteries

Everyone needs some rest and relaxation to keep their mind sharp and fresh. A vacation, weekend retreat, or even a walk at lunch time will help to clear your mind and refresh your

Plan your work

…and work your plan. When taking a cross-country roadtrip, you would use a road map or a GPS. Having the same reliance on a business plan will help you to pace yourself leading up to “the big

Watch your health

Keeping in good health and physical shape will help you to endure the stress of a “busy season.”  By eating properly and exercising regularly, you will have more energy and a stronger immune system, preventing a physical breakdown when the going gets

When flying on an aircraft, the flight attendant gives passengers instructions on how to handle a loss of cabin pressure. They instruct parents to put an air mask on themselves before putting one on the children. If the passenger isn’t able to take care of himself first, he will be useless to his family and the rest of the passengers. This same rule applies to your business. take care of yourself and when the situation gets stressful, you will be better prepared to handle the feast or the famine. If you are looking to gain more balance in your life and business be sure to talk with your coach.