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Last week we touched of how many innovations, product, and services have come out of troubled times like we’re in now. This week we’re going to discuss how you can leverage people as well as your mind to get into this creative space to think up some possible new innovations, products, or services that can serve a better good for this world. I will share five key areas to focus on as so you can get into that space.

Number one, we need to keep our minds clear of all negative influences. I would like you to think of your mind as a fertile garden of soil. If you do not plant the right seeds, you are leaving room for weeds to show up. And trust me, there’s plenty of weeds through the media and news that are coming in on a daily basis that you may be letting get into your own mind and fertile soil. Keep it clean, practice the right affirmations, create the right thinking, create the clarity, think of only the possibilities in the world, get rid of the word can’t, and think of only can do.

Number two, you need to have a purpose. You need to have a why. Why are you bringing this product of service to the universe? What greater good is it going to serve? How is it going to make it easier or better for others? When you’re in that space and really get clear from your heart of why you’re bringing this innovation to the world, you’ll have your purpose which will give you the desire and drive to follow through.

Number three, once you get clear on whatever that may be, write it down because when we write it down we make it real. As we write it down, we think of more ways to bring it to life, the next steps, who to speak to, where to go, what to do, it starts creating that plan in your mind and on paper of how you could take this, implement it and apply it to really get to the outcome you’re looking for.

Speaking of outcomes, number four is the mastermind. Mastermind is the principle of when two or more people in harmony in a conversation directed towards the same outcome, will tap into the universe of knowledge, infinite intelligence, of which you will actually bring in a third mind. It will bring you into a higher level of thinking. Think of masterminds, a board of directors, that can swap ideas and challenge each other. The declaration of independence in 1776, was created by a mastermind of 56 men who signed their name on that document. It’ll bring you to a higher level of knowledge and it will challenge you to really innovate and think further of how you can make this a reality.

Covering the first four steps; keep your mind clear, have a purpose and a clear why, write it down, and mastermind with others. Number five, once you get clear, believe in yourself, trust your instinct, create a plan, and take action. Do not delay. Every minute that idea sits on the shelf with no action creates the possibility of that idea going somewhere else in the universe for someone else to pick up and apply it. I’m sure many of you may remember that somewhere along the line you had a great idea which you eventually witnessed pop up either on TV or in a store only to think, “Wait a minute, that was my idea.” In conclusion, when you get clear, create that plan, don’t delay, and take action.

Those are your five steps for innovating new products and services for the greater good. It’s going to be really interesting over the next 12 months to see what rises out of this cycle that will make it better for all of us.