Five ways to a 61% Profit Increase

Five ways to a 61% Profit Increase1 min read

Five ways to a 61% Profit Increase

This message is specifically for all sales managers, salespeople, sales teams, business owners and CEOs. In business, we all want 3 specific things, well at least I hope we do. Those things would be 1. more customers, clients or patients depending on what field you are in, 2. more revenues and 3. more profits.

My question is can we go out and increase these at any time? The answer is no as these are all outcomes or end results of a different equation. The formula we need to look at is leads times conversion equals your customers. Customers times average dollar sale times number of transactions equals your revenues and most importantly, revenues times margins equals your profits.

Unfortunately, in my experience, very few businesses truly measure this formula. This is the formula that if implemented properly will increase all three outcomes. If you were to run just a simple 10% increase in all of these areas the end compounded result would equate to a 61% profit increase. Depending on what volume of revenues you are producing in your organization, that could be a very nice dollar figure.

I would invite you to view this Monday’s morning video to see how this all works out. In addition, I would also invite you to attend any one of my workshops to get a really good understanding of the formula by registering in at This is the formula will put more money in your bottom line and pocket. Sounds like a good bet to look into.


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