Ghouls and Goblins in your Business?2 min read

Yes, tomorrow is Halloween. This weekend, some of you may have celebrated by dressing up and attending parties. You may have visited Universal for Halloween Horror Nights. I myself volunteered for the Trunk or Treat Saturday evening at Church by the Glades. Lots of kids, lots of costumes, lots of candy and lots of fun.

Tomorrow night, however, is officially Halloween of where all the ghouls and goblins come out to play. Those of you that have attended Halloween Horror Night at Universal know that you have to be continually on guard for something could be jumping out at you behind every corner.

You also have to be on guard for scary creatures lurking in your business. My question is where could the ghouls, goblins or ghost be hiding in your organization or business? Trust me, they are there hiding somewhere ready to jump out and surprise you.

Could these scary creatures be the lack of true systemization in any area of your business? Could they be the time wasters or stealers robbing your organization of its productivity? Could it be the organizations’ culture is a little bit off kilter and needs some adjusting? Could it be some dissatisfied customers that didn’t tell you about their experience and just disappeared? It’s always what you don’t know or don’t see that can be most damaging to an organization.

Take a true pulse of your organization. Make sure you have systems in place in every area of the company. Make sure your culture is rock solid and empowers your entire team to consistently take ownership and be on top of their game. Be conscious of the time stealers by making sure you and your team are clear and intentional on the best use of their time. Make sure you have some type of customer survey system to guard against undetected dissatisfied customers.

Take care of all this and more and there will be much less of a chance of some ghouls, goblins or ghost jumping out and surprising you.

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