Go Two!1 min read

Let me first give a shout out to Kory Cassell of Church by the Glades for his wonderful sermon this Sunday morning that gave me the idea for this blog.

“Go Two” means to go two miles instead of one. We have all heard the phrase “Go the extra mile,” however what exactly does that mean? Before we find the meaning for going the extra mile, should we first get clear on what encompasses the first mile?

The first mile represents what is required of us in life and business. Many people will say, “I’m a good husband, I’m a good father, I’m faithful, I’m loyal”. In business, they will say, “I’m always on time, I never leave early, I do as I’m asked, I don’t cheat the system”. This is all great, however, this is only what is required of you; this is what should be done both in life and business. However, this does not represent anything extra.

Going the extra mile is possessing the willingness to give more of yourself to your family, your profession, your organization, your team and your community without expecting anything extra in return.

It is important to understand that doing what is required of yourself is or will become a habit. However consistently giving more of yourself by going the extra mile will also become a habit. In addition, going the extra mile is where all the glory is anyways.

So why not take today as a start of doing something extra, something that you would not normally do, and just go two instead of one.

I have attached a short video of Johnny the Bagger of how he Goes Two!