Happy Memorial Day3 min read


Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hopefully, on this day you’re spending time at the beach, out on a boat, BBQing by the pool, playing golf or just out spending quality time with family and friends. While you are enjoying yourself, remember that Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States that was actually created for remembering the people who died while serving our country. As you are celebrating this day, take a moment to remember those dedicated men and women of the Armed Forces who gave the ultimate sacrifice (their lives) while serving our country. They paid this price because they possessed extreme loyalty and dedication to their country.

When you think about your company or organization, have you created an environment and culture that breeds this same type of loyalty and dedication?


Are your customers and team members loyal to your company and brand? I would like to share a concept called the Ladder of Loyalty to categorize customers. They are in order from top to bottom.

∙          Raving Fan

∙          Advocate

∙          Member

∙          Customer

∙          Shopper

∙          Prospect

∙          Suspect

Certainly, your organization’s goal is to migrate a suspect up the ladder to eventually become a raving fan. A raving fan that sings your company praise wherever they go and to whoever the meet.

Soldiers who go into combat with no reservations are 100% Raving Fans of their country, their cause, and their comrades. They unselfishly put their own lives before that of their comrades. Do you unselfishly put your team, your clients, and your company before your own interests? Do you provide top-notch products and services to the point that your customers will fight for you and brag about you to all of their friends?


Are you truly dedicated to fulfilling your plans, vision, and mission of your organization? Is your team on the same mission in fulfilling the vision of your brand? Are you as a leader of your organization dedicated to your team where you consistently have the back? One of the reasons for failure in any organization is taking your eye off the ball and losing focus. Soldiers who go out on a mission are laser-focused on accomplishing their goal no matter what the cost.

Take the time to slow down and find out what matters most to you and your organization, and it should probably be creating raving fans out of your customers and your team. Once you create the clarity on this, dedicate yourself to accomplishing this mission.

This Memorial Day remembers the phrase, “Your rewards in life will reflect your service and contribution.” Be the entrepreneur that is giving your all. Enjoy the day. However, remember to take that special moment to give thanks to those who have sacrificed to create the freedom that we get to enjoy on days like today.