Have you created Time Mastery?2 min read

planner bookMoney is great! It can buy you the material things you’ve always dreamt about. It can buy you the freedom to work when you want, where you want and doing the kind of work you want. However you all would probably agree with most that there is one thing that money can’t buy…TIME.

Having Time Mastery means developing the best use of your time and then maximizing it so you are the most profitable. But how do you develop Time Mastery?


First you need to be clear on where your time wasters are. Are you a reactionary owner that jumps every time the phone rings, when you receive an email or a text or do you schedule a time for these items? Be wary of any of the distractions that can steal your time away. Do you employ a 24 hour “open door policy”? Is this a good policy when it comes to time management? When you are conscious of where you may be losing time only then can you address the issue to become more effective.


Creating Time Mastery gives a state of control rather than chaos in your life. It takes discipline and self-mastery to create habits and systems. Allow the business to become “systems” dependent, not “you” dependent.


Although creating Time Mastery gives you a state of control, it takes relinquishing control to realize the freedom Time Mastery will afford you. To achieve this you need to learn to delegate tasks that are low value or low enjoyment. Learn how to work smarter and not harder. It may be a small investment to hire a team to do some of the tasks, but you will be freed up to do what you do best and maximize the profitability of your time.


Once you have achieved Time Mastery, and your business is becoming more profitable because you are now focused on working ON your business rather than IN your business, it’s time to block out your schedule for YOU! By relaxing and recharging your batteries, you are more effective than if you are exhausted from trying to do it all yourself. You should also make time to sharpen your saw by reading books or taking advanced education.

Still think you can’t buy time? Creating effective systems that automate many of your company’s procedures will save you a lot of time. Hiring a great team to do essential but not profitable tasks will buy you time to focus on what you do best, growing your business. And taking time to relax will allow you to become more productive and better version of you!

Want to find more time in your business and conquer Time Mastery? Talk to your business coach and he can help you identify ways to buy Time!

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