Have you taken your Business Vitamin C today?

Have you taken your Vitamin C today? I’m not talking about the Vitamin C that comes from drinking your morning orange juice or from taking a capsule. I’m talking about Vitamin C that you must master to
become more successful both in business and in life. If you were to go through the dictionary, you would find some great C words as if you were to master them, you would simply become successful.

The first C word is always a Commitment. If it’s to be it’s up to me. We first have to commit before any endeavor or journey. “Your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear a word you’re saying.” Your actions and not your words will always show your commitment.

Courage: Not necessarily courage on the battlefield. However, the courage to just be able to make a decision. It is proven that decisive people are much more successful than indecisive people. Have the courage to make the decision, you’ll then know if it worked or not and you can always make the shift from there.

Change: For things around us to change – we must change. It’s not necessarily the outside circumstances that control our outcomes but on how we show up as it always starts with us. If you are a leader and you want a better team. You must first become a better leader to attract a better team. Be willing to change to become the person that you need to be to attract the success that you want in business and life.

Communication: Proper communication is the key to success or the lack of communication is the key to breakdowns. Whether it be a husband and wife, a two-person team or a large organization or community, lack of communication is always the leading factor in the lack of success and is a leading contributor to stress, frustration, and breakdowns. Make sure you are in proper communication, make sure you’re talking to your team, having your weekly meetings. Make sure you are using behavioral
assessments as so you know how to communicate with the different behaviors. Communication is key in any and every successful endeavor.

Contribution: It’s not about us. We’re all here to serve. Whatever profession you’re in – make it about others. When you take yourself and make it all about others in what they want – I guarantee you that you will be in the flow and life will be great. It’s important to understand that wealth creation is a by-product of helping everyone else get what they want. Serve them first and make sure you contribute.

Confidence: A you master all these principles they will lead to increased confidence. As you become more decisive in your decision-making process, you’re communicating properly on all channels, you have upped your commitment in yourself and all those around you and as you are willing to change to be better, that will give you the ability to gain more confidence. Remember, that it is the energy of confidence that people absorb to gain the faith to buy your product and service.

As you master these principals and you begin to achieve success – make sure that you always Celebrate.In addition, don’t wait for the big all grand success to celebrate. Make sure you are celebrating all the little successes along the way.

In conclusion, I sure hope you are all getting your fair share of your vitamin C. If you’re not – I encourage you to rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 in each of the areas and identify of where you need to make the shifts to shine up those areas to increase your vitamin C intake as so you can become a better leader, a better entrepreneur and most importantly a better person.