How to ACHIEVE MORE!3 min read

As we go through life, I hopefully wish we all desire to achieve more for ourselves, our family, our team, our clients, our organization and our community. However, what does it actually take to achieve more? Let’s take a closer look at this.

Accountability: To achieve more you need to hold yourself accountable to do what you say you’re going to do, how you say you’re going to do it when you say you’re going to do it. If you find yourself weak in the area of holding your own self accountable. Get yourself an accountability partner or a coach.      Statistics show that as you take your goals from your head to writing them down that you will increase your chances of achievement by 42%, one step further is if you have an accountability partner to follow up to make sure you do as you say, you now increase your chance of achievement by 78%. Hmm, something to consider.

Commitment: To achieve more you simply need to commit to do whatever it takes to get yourself more of what you truly want.

Honesty: Make sure you are honest with yourself as well as others as of the standard you will keep on delivering your services to fulfill what others want and need.

Integrity: Unfortunately, some people along the way have achieved more by greed and not being in one of integrity. Wealth creation is a by-product of getting others what they want. Achieving more always must create a win/win for both parties.

Enthusiasm: Every great achievement in this world has been the result of some sort of enthusiasm. When you are enthusiastic, you are having fun, when you’re having fun, you’re cashing checks. Achieving more is all about cashing checks.

Versatility: In business and in life, not everything goes as planned. Especially in business, we must be versatile enough to be able to shift and pivot when adversity hits to get us back in the direction of achieving more.

Energy: The energy that we bring to the game is the energy that we will get back. The universe is always working as when you bring positive energy to the game people will pick up on that positive energy, they will want to do business with you and that will help you achieve more.

Monetary and/or Material: You need to be specific on exactly what more looks like. Be specific in the type of house, what neighborhood, square footage, etc. Be specific on the make and model of your potential dream automobile. Be specific on exactly how much money is to be achieved in this journey. The more specific you are on clearly articulating what you want only then will the universe begin to kick in and deliver on your dreams and goals.

Opportunity: To achieve more you must always be conscious of any presenting opportunities. Unfortunately, opportunity sometimes sneaks through the back door disguised as adversity. We must always be open to whatever is happening around us as so we can seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

Results: Be sure to test and measure all the steps you are taking. Track what’s working and what’s not working as so you can make the proper shifts and adjustments to get you what you want.

Empathy: As we are on our journey of achieving more and getting more make sure you are empathetic to those around you that are not quite achieving what you are achieving in your life and business.

I congratulate you all in advance on your journey of achieving more both in your life and your business. In addition, make sure that you are continuing to have fun while on this journey. Be well!

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