I Have a Dream = Goal – Learn – Plan – Act!3 min read

“I have a dream.” Four words that were spoken more than 50 years ago by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his march in Washington for jobs and freedom. I’d like to take a moment and wish everybody a happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

“I Have a Dream” were most likely the thoughts of many of those who have come before us that have actually created the world of which we have today. The impact of those words, are that they took action on those dreams and turned them into reality.

When we hear those four words that have echoed down in history, it gets us thinking of the possibilities of what we can create and who we can become in the process.

Having a dream is actually the starting point for any business to exist. Before we create something in business, an organization, a product or service, we first need to have a dream. However, in business, we need to take that dream a step further. Those words, I have a dream, inspire people. It creates a vision, but once you get that vision in a business, you have to take it one step further, and that is you need to create a goal from that dream.

You need to put a timeline on that dream, turn it into a goal and get more specific on it. That goal then begins to set your plan of action of what you want to do to accomplish that goal. Now, before you start the plan, you have to learn. Because to go to the next step and build your business to get it where you want it to go, you have to learn. You might need to get a coach or a mentor, you might need to go to certain classes or read certain books. The reason is that we simply need to learn before we earn.

Once you get that dream in your mind, you need to turn that dream into a goal, and when you’re clear on the goal, you need to learn. And from the learning, that’s where you can create the plan. The action steps. The steps you need to take to get you clear on where you need to go to accomplish that goal.

And once you plan and have that plan in writing and have gone over it and gone over what your team and have gotten really clear on the steps, you simply need to act. You need to take action.

When you think of this day, the day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. echoed those four words down in history, I have a dream, remember in business, we’re going to take the steps to take that dream to accomplishment. The dream needs to become a goal. Before you plan once you have the goal, you need to learn. And when you learn, you create your plan, and once you have that plan, you need to act. If you need any further advice of how to put any of these areas in place, feel free to reach out as I’m here to help.

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