Is a misalignment keeping you from reaching your destination?1 min read

You’re cruising along, right turn signal on, approaching the intersection when BAM! You hit the curb. You may be grateful that you didn’t get a flat tire, but now the car pulls to the right.  Letting go of the steering wheel confirms this because it spins to the right on its own. If you don’t take your car to get it repaired, you will cause additional damage to the vehicle, and more wear and tear on your wheels.  You need an alignment.

Does this sound similar to your organization? When your team is out of alignment, some members veer off to do other things that are not congruent with your operation. You waste more time trying to get everyone back on the same page, not to mention the cost; cost of missed revenue opportunities and cost of time wasted trying to fix the problem.

Misalignments happen from time to time, but the key is to address them right away before there is further damage. Alignment Training Day is designed to enroll the entire team in getting them clear and moving together in harmony on the vision of the organization. It includes a full day of training, planning, goal setting and gaining congruence on the future of your business for all the key members of your team.

If you feel your team is drifting off to the right, call me and together we will get you on the right path to reach your destination.