Is Mother’s Day only one day?1 min read

I trust you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day in your own special way. We certainly were blessed with a fabulous, beautiful, sun-shiny, gentle-breeze day to enjoy it to.

Now I have one question, should Mother’s Day only be one day?

I heard a story about how there was a line around the Pandora store at the mall on Saturday with all the people doing their last minute shopping for their moms. Why is that? Shouldn’t we be thanking our moms every day for all the things they bring to the table without asking for anything in return?

Recognition and appreciation is as important in the household as it is in business. People will do more for simple recognition then they will for money. So why do we wait for special days or highlight moments to deliver appreciation and recognition? Shouldn’t this be an everyday thing?  Shouldn’t this be a simple conscious habit? If it is not, it can be learned.

I urge you to invest in the act of finding someone doing something right. Someone going out of their way to get a job done. Someone doing the simple un-noticed things that make our lives easier. A simple act of recognizing someone with a “Thank you for what you do” will go a long way both them, as well as yourself. Praising someone takes less than a minute, however the return goes on forever!