Is today your Super Bowl?2 min read

Yes, it’s the Monday morning after Super Bowl Sunday. We all had our parties and our fun. Some of us are talking about the commercials, some of us are talking about Lady Gaga singing the national anthem or the half time show. Most of us are reveling about how great it is to watch Payton Manning ride off into the sunset with his Super Bowl trophy.

It’s hard to avoid the chatter about last night’s Super Bowl. So much so that we lose sight of what this event was all about; a showdown between the two best football teams in the National Football League.

Yes, it’s awesome that Payton goes out a winner, even though he hasn’t officially announced it yet. But it always doesn’t pan out that way. Winning the game, and winning in business, comes down to a few key elements.


The team with the most points at the end of the game is the one that wins. Being proactive and concentrating on moving the ball further and further down the field will put points on the scoreboard. What is your strategy for moving the ball down the field?


Blocking the offense from scoring and protecting your team’s lead is the only objective of the defense. Let’s face it, Denver displayed that with style as they pretty much shut down one of most exciting offenses in the game. In business, defense means protecting your business so there are no setbacks. This includes solving problems, protecting your integrity and your reputation, and defending your delivery mastery to ensure that the offense won’t have to overcome.


Regardless of whether you are focusing on the offense or the defense, communication is crucial for winning. Having pre-laid plans and being able to execute the plans with your team, changing up the plans to accommodate for different strategies, even calling an “audible” or last minute strategy requires constant and effective communication with all members of your team.


No football game, or Super Bowl, has been won by one person. Everyone plays an important role, from the Coach to the Water boy. But what gets teams to this point is their ability to work well together. They train and practice together and work like a well-oiled machine. How are you training and motivating your team to ensure you win?

When building a winning business, it’s important to acknowledge the people and the processes to get there. It’s not a one-day event, but something that has been built through months and even years of planning, strategizing and preparing. With a Super Bowl mentality, your team could win too!

So, I enroll you to take some of these winning strategies and apply them to your own business. And who knows maybe soon you too will be riding off into the sunset with your Super Bowl trophy too.