Is your Organization Systematized for Success?3 min read

In the creation of a successful organization, your organization simply must be systematized. Systems are the glue that holds an organization together.  Systems are also an essential component of what creates the synergy in a business that we are all after.

If a business doesn’t have systems in place I guarantee that there will be break downs and miscommunications. The owner or leader of the organization will also be working way too hard because of this lack of systematization. In addition, if the business is to be sold one day it may never receive its full asking price because of this absence of systematization.

Systems are simply about documenting and delivering consistent repeatable results time after time. You may want to write this down – Systems stands for Saving Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money!

By just asking yourself the question of is this Saving Me Stress Time Energy and Money or is this Costing Me Stress Time Energy and Money. This process alone will slow you down long enough to think clearly of what needs to be in place and will also give you the direction on what to do next.

Where in your business are you finding or experiencing the most frustration or bottlenecks that’s most impacting your business negatively?

What are the absence of systems in your business that are most negatively impacting your bottom line? Take a moment and write them down. This is important as lack of systems in an organization are definitely impacting the margins in a negative way.

Are you lacking systems in your – Marketing – Planning – Sales Process – Employee Hiring, Training, and Management? Rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10. Ask yourself why you gave yourself that score.

Are your systems up to date? Are they documented clearly and easy to use? How consistently are you in following them? Are you also holding your team accountable for following them?

As you take inventory of any lack of systematization, what’s the dollar value related to this lack. How much money is being left on the table over a year period?

Answering these above questions could just be the exercise that takes you, your team and your organization to a whole new level.

If you are holding yourself to a high level of systemization – congratulations. If you’re not, you and your team are simply working too hard. And if you’re working too hard, your business just won’t have the opportunity to run on full capacity.

In addition, do not use the excuse of not having enough time to put that system in place. Just think of the Stress Time Energy and Money it has already cost by not having thee systems in the first place. Remember, our goal is not to work as hard as we can, our goal is to fully systematize our business to utilize it to make money and provide the quality of life we dream of.

If you need more assistance on implementing the right systems in your business contact your coach.