It’s all about Attitude2 min read

A being the first letter of the alphabet and also in the ABC’s of Building a Successful Organization or Business is very fitting, as A stands for Attitude. In the first step of any successful endeavor whether it be in business or in life the beginning always starts with a positive Attitude. 

A Positive Attitude is like a ripple in the water that causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.

A can also represent Adversity. In business and in life adversity always hits us at some time or another. We’ve all been there, however it is not what really happens in life that matters it is how we react to that adversity that really makes the difference. And that difference is most usually the result of what type of attitude we bring to that circumstance or event.

In business Attitude is extremely important especially if you are the owner or leader of an organization – it is your Attitude that will filter down into the entire team. You are like a magnet that will either lift or lower the spirits of everyone else in the organization.

Think back to times like the dot-com bust of 2000 or the Banking/Real Estate collapse of 2008. We were all facing the same circumstances and realities. However, it was those who walked with a strong confident Attitude, an almost scary calm that automatically filtered down to their team, their clients and everyone else they came in contact with. That, in many cases, was the difference from some companies thriving from that point or going bust.

In conclusion, remember that your Attitude is contagious.  Since everyone really wants to do business with a winner, carry that Attitude of confidence and calm and that alone will be the difference in your team either thriving or dying. In addition, remember that a Positive Mental Attitude = Pays More Always and in business, since it always ends with the bottom line, that’s just the proper equation of success we need.