It’s all about the team2 min read

Well, they have finally done it. After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs have won the world series. Congratulations to the entire team. From the owners, to the manager, to the coaches, to the players, to all the supporting cast all the way down to the bat boy, the team is now winners. Never could they have done this as a group of individuals, only as a team could they pull it off.

In business, it is also all about the team. As an owner of an organization, you have one primary job and that is to take care of your team. From having the right vision and culture in place to attract the right players. Having the correct screening and selection process in place to the orientation process leading to training, coaching, supporting, and praising them every step of the way.

Understand that when your team is happy, they wear that on their sleeves like a code of honor, your customer picks up on that energy and they become raving fans of your organization. They will come back more often, spend more money and tell their friends about you. By properly taking care of your team, you will indirectly be taking care of your customers and when your customers are happy, your business will be booming.

As a coach, I sometimes hear things like “The talent pool here in South Florida is thin” or “I just can’t find the right people.” I take all these sayings as rubbish. When you are clear on who you’re looking to attract as a team member and have properly put everything in place to earn the right to have that quality individual represent your brand as a member of your team. Then you have done it right and when you do it right, everybody wins. The owner, the team and most importantly the customer.