“It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.” – Step 4 of Business Mastery3 min read

“It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.” You can only recite these lines when you are crystal clear on step four of building the foundation of your business which is destination mastery. Knowing exactly where you’re going with your business, knowing exactly what it looks like in a perfect world. Are you worldwide or are you just local? How many offices do you have? How many employees do you have? How are you delivering your products and services? Only when you know this, can you be clear on your destination?
Think about this for a moment. We’re in turbulent times and if you are not clear on exactly where you’re going with your organization if you don’t have your eye on the prize, if you haven’t created that vision magnet to draw you forward, how are you possibly going to get through these turbulent times?

Something else you need to think about. If you have a team of which you’re leading and you’re not clear on where your organization is going, how can you possibly encourage and motivate them to follow you?

Let’s keep this simple. If we’re going to some destination for the first time, the first thing we usually do is to type in that destination, the address into our Google maps, and then what happens? The Google maps instructs us exactly how to get there. Interesting. However, in a business where we put the most time, effort, energy, and money, many don’t plug the destination into their Google maps and actually don’t know exactly where they’re going. I will tell you especially now, it’s difficult enough to migrate through this economic climate with everything that’s going on. Without a clear destination, your organization will be like a ship at sail in a turbulent ocean without a map. 

In the building of the solid foundation of your business. Money mastery, delivery mastery, and time mastery have to be mastered. However, all three of these components have been temporarily interrupted because of this crisis. In addition to the need for mastering these three areas of your business. Destination Mastery; knowing exactly where you’re going with your business is extremely crucial at this time, as it is that clear vision that will create the magnet to pull you out of this adversity to make you stronger on the other side.

In the conclusion of building a solid foundation of your business, make sure you master these four steps. If you’re not clear on your destination, get clear on your destination. Shut out the noise and brainstorm about what your business looks like in a perfect world. Create that in your imagination, transfer it to paper, mastermind with your team, create a game plan and power through with pride and perseverance. 

Because when you are clear on your destination mastery and that clarity is pulling you and your team forward through this crisis, only then can you rehearse the lines of, “it’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of when.”

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