It’s only a matter of TRUST!

Congratulations, if you are reading this you have hopefully already implemented the Six Steps of Building a Synergistic Dream Team Organization. 

In Step 1 you have created your organization’s Vision, Mission & Purpose for your team to follow and strive for opposed to just clocking in from 8 – 5. This will provide your team with the belief and pride to respectfully represent your brand day in and day out. 

In Step 2 you have now systematized the implementation and use of behavioral assessments in your organization. You now understand where everyone properly fits within your organization in addition to being able to communicate properly to each different behavioral type to create a win/win for all. Your team now has a clear understanding of their own behavior as well as those of others as so they can perform and communicate effectively with both their clients and fellow team members. 

In Step 3, you have implemented short, useful, constructive meetings to keep everyone on point in addition to keeping proper communication as a top priority. This will keep the progressive momentum moving forward within your organization. 

Step 4 of Building your Synergistic Dream Team Organization is the proper use of organizational charts. You now have your current chart that portrays the way your organization looks now. In addition, we recommend that you also create an organizational chart of how you want it to look at the completion of your business. This will clarify your destination and what positions to fill on your road of getting there. 

Step 5 of Building a Synergistic Dream Team was in the creation and positioning of Position Agreements along with a strict 90-day review process. 

The creation of Position Agreements will define all the roles, responsibilities and expectations for each of the staff. This document will be reviewed, signed and retained by both parties. Position agreements define to each member of your team what they need to do, how they need to do it, when they need to do it, without waiting for you to approve it! 

Step 6 is testing and measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for everyone. Your Key Performance Indicators are the measurable values that demonstrate how effectively your company is achieving its key business objectives and goals. They are also great measuring tools when linked to considering promotions, bonuses, salary and wage increases. The key thing to remember with KPI’s is in what you test & measure you usually increase. 

If you have fully systematized the implementation of the six steps of Building Your dream Team Organization, you are now ready for the bonus and most important step of this entire process. That bonus step is all about simply trusting your team to follow the guidelines and step up and deliver.

Once you have created this structure of accountability within your organization your team will now have the tools to step up and successfully deliver on their roles.